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Just for Fun!

I just started this blog focusing on Gay erotic art and photographs. Please follow me and I will do the same.


woof :)

Douche bien chaude

On a envie de partager sa douche

Les grandes joies des douches communes


I fucking love watching guys shower. There is something so sexual about an activity that is totally non sexual. Floppy cocks left right and centre

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Men that I love.

Doug, 50
Indiana, USA
Single gay man into nudism.

These are the men of the internet that get my juices flowing.

NOTE: Everything you'll find here is borrowed and copied. I do not claim copyright to the items posted. If one of them is yours, please contact me, I'll remove it. Also, I try to post photos of persons who are 18 and above. If you believe that a photo of a minor is posted here, again, contact me, I'll remove it.


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